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Barn Door Hinge Kit

Soft-close and non-soft-close model barn style hardware for the wooden door.
Variety barn door supplied.
Double pulley, max load 200kgs....
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Model: TD908017C-1

barn door hinge kit

Rail built-in buffer

Applicable wooden door thickness: 30mm or more

Load capacity: 200KG

(1) The main material of our pulley is American Standard 304 stainless steel.

It is worth noting that not all 304 stainless sheets of steel are the same, they are divided into national and American standards.

And what is the difference between American Standard 304 stainless steel and GB 304 stainless steel?

The key is to look at these three elements: nickel, carbon, chromium

1. Nickel, the main function of this element is rust prevention, the national standard is 7.5%-7.8%, and most of the domestic market is 7.5%, and we guarantee that the standard of 8% or more per ton of material is About 3,000 yuan, this element American standard anti-rust is twice as long as the national standard anti-rust.

2, carbon, this element mainly shows the material purity, the national standard is below 0.12%, the conventional American standard is below 0.08%, and our material is made of 0.06% stainless steel to reach the carbon content of 0.06% or less. High carbon content and easier to rust.

3, chrome, this element mainly affects the hardness of the material. The American standard 304 stainless steel on the market is mostly 15-16%, and our content is above 17-18%.

(2) Bearings: Most of the products in the market use pure iron bearings, the price is cheap, not wearable, the price is only between a few cents and 2 dollars, and the pulley bearing of the spline hardware is selected from the NSK bearing imported from Japan, the price is high. The minimum is 12 pieces! We installed two NSK bearings on one pulley to ensure the load-bearing and sliding of the pulleys. NSK bearings are made of magnetic special bearing steel with a hardness of 70 degrees. The overall cover design is waterproof and durable, and the sliding door test can be back and forth at least 300,000 times.

Quantity of products

Barn Door Hinge Kit

1 x Round tube

2 x pulley

4 x Tube Holders

2 x Buffer

2 x Endpiece
1 x Floor Guide

How important is the mounting plate?

Frequently, customers have reported that a set of sliding door installation process is very troublesome, often encounters a wrong punching position, facing the unevenness of the wall, etc., and so on.

3 reason for this is the lack of a mounting plate!

(1) Install friendly

During the installation process, the wall is often uneven, the wall is empty, and so on. This unstable situation is prone to the deviation, and there will be a situation where the drilling is biased. If it is modified, it will be damaged by the wall and affect the appearance. If there is a deviation in the installation position, it may affect the whole sliding door system, and it is easy to bend the guide rail, which affects the life of the entire sliding door!

(2) Save your time

For the sliding door without the mounting plate, the professional master will spend at least 2 to 3 hours, because each accessory has to be measured one by one, and then the hole is drilled...

(3) Structural stability

If there is no mounting plate, all the accessories are directly mounted on the wall, which may cause misalignment, and the sliding door without the mounting plate cannot be reinforced on the entire rail, and there will be shaking!

In response to the above various problems, the spline hardware has designed a "mounting plate" that can be easily installed. We will install all the pipe clamps and guide rails, and the position of the accessories will be adjusted, so that the customer does not need to install each accessory one by one, which saves the time and measurement time of each component punching, and will not There was an error. The wall only needs to make six holes. It only needs two hands to make a quick installation. It takes only half an hour to use. The mounting plate can be used to reinforce the entire rail without shaking or the like. A piece of such a mounting plate can make your sliding door more durable!

Buy it now with a mounting plate and get a discount. Please feel free to consult us.

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