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Barn Doors With Hardware Kit

barn doors with hardware kit...
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Foshan Huajian Hardware Products Co., Ltd. mainly produces barn doors with hardware kit:

1. Handle, handle lock: stainless steel material, large cargo 15-20 days

2. Simple shower room: simple shower room with stainless steel fittings; aluminum alloy shower room; various styles: flat screen, square, rectangular, rectangular curved, round, diamond-shaped, shaped, fan-shaped, full curved. User-friendly design according to customer needs, fully in line with customer needs. around 15 days.

3. Stainless steel sliding door accessories: pulleys, pipe clamps, stoppers, swings, guides, glass connectors, etc., about 15 days.

4. Stainless steel swing door fittings, upper shaft, a lower shaft, hinge, about 15 days.

5. Stainless steel advertising nails, a variety of sizes and styles, according to customer needs to map, sample processing, material: 304 and 316, surface treatment: sanding or bright. 10-15 days or so.

How to choose a good shower room?

Why is the shower room broken in a few years? Roots are here

The shower room is a must for the hotel project. The purpose is to separate the wet and dry, to avoid the wetness of the entire bathroom, to protect the safety of customers, and more importantly, the shower room will make the hotel look more high-end. However, the shower room often fails in a period of time, and the sliding is not smooth, etc., the noise is large, and even the rust is present, which indicates that the shower room is not selected. Some poor quality pulleys are not only poor in water resistance, smoothness is not guaranteed, but also may fall off when subjected to relatively large external impact, resulting in safety hazards!

If you want the quality of the shower room to be guaranteed, pay attention to the following points!

1, look at the pulley

Pulley: The pulley is the most important point of the entire sliding door. The pulley can directly affect the life and safety of the sliding door. We need to look at the material of the pulley and the sealing of the wheel seat. Firstly, the wheel seat of the pulley should use materials that are resistant to pressure and heavy, such as 304 stainless steel and high-end synthetic materials. The second wheel seat has good sealing performance, and the water vapor is not easy to enter the wheel. The smoothness is guaranteed. The pulley and the track should be closely matched, the gap is small, and it is not easy to fall off when subjected to the external force to avoid a safety accident. The pulley used by the spline hardware is made of American standard 304 stainless steel, containing 8 nickels. It has good anti-rust performance. The bearing adopts NSK bearing imported from Japan. It can be rotated back and forth 300,000 times. The outer ring of the pulley is imported from New Zealand. POM rubber wheel, after 100,000 round trip tests, is more bright and smooth.

2, look at the material

The material problem has a decisive effect on the shelf life of the shower room. The general materials for the shower room are copper, aluminum and stainless steel. The hardness of copper is very low, and the stainless steel shower room is more expensive than the aluminum shower room. The shower room is not big, although the one-time investment is higher, in terms of safety and service life, the stainless steel has a high-cost performance. It should be noted that many small brands in the market cater to consumers' preference for stainless steel. They use low-grade stainless steel or low-grade stainless steel as the main material to impersonate 304 stainless steel to deceive consumers. These so-called stainless steels It does not meet the quality requirements of 304 stainless steel at all, and it is easy to rust and corrode when used in sanitary ware.

Hardware accessories seem inconspicuous, but the role can not be ignored, is the key to the overall stability of the shower room. The hardware accessories are mainly copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. Among them, 304A stainless steel is the best choice, followed by copper. Like the poor quality of the door hinge, the number of glass door switches is too large, it is easy to sag or even get rid of that is a common occurrence, after all, one point for the price. The price of the stainless steel shower room is higher than that of the aluminum shower room, but the service life is much longer.

3, look at the glass

With tempered glass with a CCC mark, if not, it is ordinary glass. The method of identification: use a knife to scrape a 3C mark, if it is fake, it is easy to scrape off, it is not easy to scrape. Because the 3C mark printed on it will be difficult to fall after entering the tempering furnace, and it will be printed if it is scraped.


Only these three points are especially important for the life of the shower room. It is related to the safety of our bathing, and we must not ignore it. Be sure to choose a safe and reliable shower room to make your bath more complete.

Quantity of products

barn doors with hardware kit

1 x Round tube

2 x pulley

4 x Tube Holders

2 x Buffer

2 x Endpiece
1 x Floor Guide

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